I am Diane from the blog, Te Deum Laudamus!


If you want to use my photos, please email me at:


For commercial use of my photos, please contact me at the above email.

Not all photos have been uploaded for print resolution. If you find one without print resolution you would like to use, email me with your request.

Bloggers may use photos for general use, provided there is a link to my blog homepage, or in a related blogpost in which the picture was used. No modifications of my photos may be made without permission, other than light cropping for fit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Photos may be purchased. If you are wanting to make anything larger than a 5x7 it is a good idea to contact me first so I can verify that the photo was uploaded in high resolution. Earlier photos may not be high-res. I suggest getting a small number of photos first, then add more from the collection. Contact me if you print 5x7 or smaller and they are pixelated (look awful in print).

I do not recommend purchasing very large prints and gifts. Contact me first and I'll verify max size a pic can be printed at the current resolution.